Useful Puppet Commands


Show what puppet would have done without changing anything:

sudo puppet apply –noop /examples/file_hello.pp

See what change puppet would actually make to a file:

sudo puppet apply –noop –show_diff /examples/file_hello.pp

See what version of a package puppet thinks you have installed:

puppet resource package openssl

See different attributes of different resources:

puppet describe [file, package, service]

See list of all avaiable resource types:

puppet describe –list

Using the each function

$tasks = [‘task1’, ‘task2’, ‘task3’]
$tasks.each | $task | {
file { “/usr/local/bin/${task}”:
content => “echo I am ${task}\n”,
mode => ‘0755’,
Iterating over hashes
$nics = $facts[‘networking’][‘interfaces’]
$nics.each | String $interface, Hash $attributes | {
notice(“Interface ${interface} has IP ${attributes[‘ip’]}”)
Accessing hashes of facts

Using memory facts


Discovering networking facts

notice(“My hostname is ${facts[‘hostname’]}”)
notice(“My FQDN is ${facts[‘fqdn’]}”)

notice(“My IP is ${facts[‘networking’][‘ip’]}”)

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